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With Vast Marketing and Visual Design Experience We built an APP development platform to create the type of APPs that are not only 'Stunning in Design', but have a fantastic 'User Experience' and can help you increase your Sales and Profits .

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What do Our Apps Entail

We simply create APPs that provide quality information about your business or company with standard features.

We can also provide features that are unique to your line of business, quickly, helping your APP find its way in the APPs store.

Apps delivered are simple, static APPs that are capable of producing tremendous results without costing you a lot of money.

Our APPs can avail your customers the access to the most relevant information about your business and more importantly is the increase in your customer engagement and patronage that will follow.

The outstanding features we provide aside the basic ones includes:

Features ( a pinch of the awesome we can deliver)


Build a full ecommerce store with cart, checkout and Payment either Natively…


Integrate all your Social Media Account and also build a native Social…

Membership Site

You can easily create a Membership system natively from the app. whether…

Much More

There is much much more. Get in touch today and lets build…

Table Booking

Easily Booking for Tables for your restaurant, Club or any other Business…

Push Notification

Realtime Push Notifications to your App. Push Notifications can be target all…


Take Appointments from your App and fully manage the Schedule, and Request.…

Digital Loyalty Cards

More Engagement by offering Digital Loyalty that app users can claim from…

Click to Call/Email

Dont just Display your Contact Information, Increase conversion with a Click to…

Our Projects

Get App Promotion

We dont only Develop Apps we want to increase your Bottom line as such we provide a Full App Promotion and Marketing Service

What Our Customers say

JingleSPOT is easy to wrk with and does professional quality at affordable prices. Our APP is going to be updated a lot too, so its’ great hey did  perfect package deal with free updates.

Our business formula required  the development of a complex integration of document push, merge and multisite technology. JingleSPOT delivered.

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