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Work Process

Your decision to seize a world of endless opportunities with your own APP is highly appreciated.

However, to achieve our ultimate goal of satisfying you for an unforgettable experience, it is imperative that you get familiar with some vital processes which are aimed at getting to the heart of your idea and ensuring a perfect communication process during your project execution.

The simple process are as follows:

Process Breakdown

Initial Meeting

An initial consultation is important as the first process in developing your APP to meet your specifications.

This meeting will avail us the opportunity to understand the nature of your business and how you want the APP to portray your brand.

We will be excited to hear you out with respect to the features and any other services you want your APP to provide, but be rest assured that we shall carefully guide you with our professional advice as we put your idea into black and white

Clarify Proposal

Since we have a perfect understanding of your APP requirements and specifications, the next all important process in order is to write out a comprehensive proposal and a quote.

This however will determine whether you want to proceed or not but over the years most of our clients have always proceeded with respect to the mouth-watering bonuses attached to their proposal.


Getting to this stage means you are satisfied with our proposal and quote and you are ready to proceed with the project.

At this stage, we prepare and present our contract to you which describes the ambit of the work and we ensure that both parties are satisfied with the agreement.

Kick-Off Meeting

To put things is proper shape, our project team or representative will have a cogent meeting with you where we will finally fine tune all the necessary details for the successful completion of the project.


With your business objective in mind, we move to wire framing which reveals the skeletal framework and the arrangement of the apps content. Going by our promise to carry you along at every stage of the APP development process, we will get you to see the APP outline to check if it goes with your requirement.


This is the next step after the successful completion of wire framing as additional media such as logos, HD images will be added. This stage brings out the beauty of your app and we are ready to give you value for your money.

Development and Testing

Here, the fragmented parts of the development process are brought together for a professional and beautiful APP with outstanding features.

Following this process is the testing phase which has to do with putting the fully developed APPs to test in order to see its functionality from the users’ end.

At JingleSPOT, we know APPs are complicated, and there are numerous challenges a user may encounter with a faulty APP. With this in mind, the testing phase will avail us the opportunity to see if its working properly in line with your requirements before we go live.


It’s always exciting and fulfilling when one gets to this final phase because this is where your APP gets uploaded on Android and iTunes store for the world to see. More so, we will also be available to help with marketing if you so desire.

Time to celebrate! You found your APP partner.

Get in touch today and we’ll happily discuss your app in more detail!