Service Options

Our Mobile Phone Apps offer a variety of optional features to enhance your marketing.

However, you may be too busy to manage your App, or you may need custom artwork to develop an awesome App, or maybe, you want to add more features to your App.

Following are various services we offer to handle your needs before and after App development.

Control Panel Access

For those that want that full hands-on control. We offer our Web Control Panel which gives you the ability to manage virtually every aspect of your Mobile APP.

You can makes design changes, update coupons, send push notifications and so much more.

In short, if you have this, you don’t pay extra fees to push notifications, enter menu items, etc. Once we setup your App layout and menu type, your good to go and can do almost anything we can do expect publish your App APK.

You can request one free publish service each month at no charge, additional publish requests are $25 ea.

Art Packages

A great App starts with first impressions. We recommend that you hire us to design custom art for your App. Its faster, cheaper and done right every time.

  1. Budget:
    Homepage design w/one revision, and you choose a stock desktop icon;
  2. Standard:
    Custom Desktop Icon and Home page w/one revision;
  3. Deluxe:
    Custom Desktop Icon, Home page and one custom background design w/one revision;
  4. Pro:
    Includes; Deluxe plus 3 Banners, w/2 revisions;
  5. Premium:
    Custom Desktop Icon, Home page, 3 custom background designs, 5 Banners and w/3 revisions.

Marketing and Advertising

Many business operators do not have an in-house marketing department. That’s why we also offer a variety of Marketing packages designed to make your Mobile App a successful release for your company.

First on this list is the basic starting point. You must have materials ready to post to your App Page in the App Stores. Take a look at a couple examples of what we mean:

What you Do NOT WANT:

Code Scan

This function allows you to take the user to any webpage after scanning a QR Code from your print, or online QR code.


You must have the coupon/discounts module added to your App. We then charge a post fee to add a coupon. When you need our help, we can create the artwork for your coupon.

Dining Menu

Includes a picture, description and price for each item. You can have unlimited menus and submenus.

Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook page, we need the target URL and we will integrate it with your App. If you need a Facebook Page created, we can do that for you as well as connect it to your App.


Whether you have an idea or need help creating a form idea, we can add a form for information gathering inside your App.

In-App Messages

Allows you to display a message to users that are currently using your application. May be scheduled. We can also help you create these messages. Perhaps pre-assign a custom message for every holiday?

News Wall

You must have the news wall module installed in your App. We can help you post your news to the App. Or we can help you write exciting news copy to post.


We can add pages for any purpose. We can also create the content for any page you may need.

Push Notification

We can post any message you give us as a Push Message. Plus, we can write a collection of recyclable holiday and special push messages, then schedule them if you wish.

QR Coupons

Allow you to display an ‘In-App’ Coupon when the user scans a custom QR Code.


A quiz can be an engaging marketing tool. If you have a great quiz, we can post it for you. Need help, we can create a quiz for you as well.

RSS Feeds

This powerful marketing tool is used by many bigger corporations, and you may have your own feed from your website. We can connect your news feed to display inside your App. Don’t have a news feed, we can setup that up for you too.

Scratch Cards

This powerful marketing tool begins with a mini marketing plan. What will scratch images look like, what will the prizes be, what are the odds of wining, etc. Often you will want custom art, and of course we can just post your materials. If your busy, we can manage the game for you as well, handling winner notices and follow up. Working with schedules, reporting, etc.


Whether you have an idea or need help creating a survey idea, we can add a survey for information gathering inside your App.

Optional Integrations (Engagements)

This section of selections is delivery of content pages inside your App to drive consumer engagement. The pages are rented without branding and normal use will not take your visitor away from your App. (Note: users may select an advertisement that opens a new webpage)