Brandon Marshall Shades NFL's Other Brandon Marshall, I'm Gu...

Brandon Marshall Shades NFL’s Other Brandon Marshall, I’m Gu…

Brandon Marshall

Shades NFL’s Other Brandon Marshall

… I’m Gunnin’ For You!

9/8/2018 12:15 AM PDT


Brandon Marshall vs. Brandon Marshall — who wins???

According to Brandon Marshall, it’s gonna be Brandon Marshall. 

Here’s the deal … the two NFL studs with the same name will actually be going up against each other on Sunday when the Broncos take on the Seahawks — so, we got Brandon Marshall to weigh in. 

The Broncos linebacker, that is. 

“I’m hoping that they throw the ball to him and I can run down the field and get him one time,” Brandon tells us.

Of course, the OTHER Brandon Marshall ain’t too shabby — a 6-time Pro Bowl wide receiver who signed with Seattle during the offseason. 

By the way, the two finally met in person for the first time earlier this year … and they appeared to hit it off!!

Clearly, that doesn’t mean Brandon ain’t still trying to prove a point Sunday.

So, who’s the better Brandon Marshall? 

Brandon’s got some thoughts on that too. 

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