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Eddie Murphy’s Girlfriend Shows Baby Bump, Actor Expecting T…

Eddie Murphy

My Girl’s A Dime …

Kid #10 is on the Way!!!

8/28/2018 7:11 AM PDT

Eddie Murphy is about to have enough kids to play a regulation basketball game at family gatherings — his gf is pregnant with his TENTH child!

Paige Butcher was showing off her baby bump Monday in L.A., and looking pretty damn hot while doing it. The form-fitting pink dress and jean jacket scream MILF alert … even in casual flip-flops.

Eddie and the Australian actress are expecting their 2nd kid together in December … but the little one will put Ed in double digits overall.

His first 8 bundles were with Nicole Murphy, Mel B, Tamara Hood and Paulette McNeely, and his oldest kid is pushing 30. Guess he’ll have no problem finding a sitter.

Someone’s taking “Daddy Day Care” to a whole other level.

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