UFC's Derek Brunson Says Israel Adesanya Is No Jon Jones

UFC’s Derek Brunson Says Israel Adesanya Is No Jon Jones

UFC’s Derek Brunson

Israel Adesanya Ain’t Jon Jones

… ‘Not Even Close’

11/2/2018 2:41 PM PDT


Derek Brunson says he knows Jon Jones … ’cause he’s trained with Bones for years, and Israel Adesanya ain’t no Jones.

Brunson — the #6 ranked UFC middleweight — is fighting Adesanya at UFC 230 this weekend … and he told us Israel’s got some talent … but the Jon Jones comparisons are ridiculous.

“People forget, I trained with Jon Jones for years. So I know what it’s like. And this guy don’t have the wrestling pedigree. He’s not Jon Jones at all. He don’t have the strength.”

“I feel very good about this match up. He got a lot of hype behind him. I’m gonna put that to rest.”

BTW, if you’re wondering why Derek keeps lookin’ away from the camera … he was playing a video game.

“I’m playing Fortnite … I an’t worried about ya, Israel.”

“Easy dubs.”

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