Bow Wow Outburst on 'Growing Up Hip Hop' Triggered by GF's P...

Bow Wow Outburst on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Triggered by GF’s P…

Bow Wow

GF’s Call Triggered Violent Outburst

On ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’

9/5/2018 12:05 AM PDT


Bow Wow¬†flew into a destructive rage while shooting his TV show because his girlfriend called to tell him about a dispute she had with the production crew … TMZ has learned.

Production sources tell us the rapper’s GF was venting about the disagreement she had with a crew member on the set of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.” What’s more … we’re told Bow Wow was told he was being set up by crew members to start fights with people on set.

We’re told the rapper had been pretty chill last Thursday, but went absolutely ballistic after the phone call. As we first reported, BW shattered tons of equipment to the tune of nearly $300k, and attacked anyone who tried to stop him.

Our sources say he’s been yanked from shooting until further notice. We’re told the production company wants to dock Bow Wow’s check to cover the damage, but he’s threatening to walk if they force him to pay.

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