Ex-Packers Star Says Aaron Rodgers Better Than Favre & Starr...

Ex-Packers Star Says Aaron Rodgers Better Than Favre & Starr…

Ex-Packers Star

Rodgers Better Than Favre & Starr

… If He Wins Another Ring

9/10/2018 10:15 AM PDT


Ex-NFL DB Nick CollinsAaron Rodgers‘ AND Brett Favre‘s former teammate in Green Bay — says with one more ring … Rodgers will be the best Packer QB to ever live.

“If he wins the Super Bowl this year, you would have to say he’s the greatest,” the three-time Pro Bowl safety tells TMZ Sports.

It’s high praise … considering both Bart Starr and Favre are already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame — but that’s how high Nick is on Aaron — especially after his comeback win over the Bears on Sunday.

“To come back out there and just dominate the second half … on one leg?!” Collins says. “Come on now, you have to put that up there.”

By the way, Collins was drafted in the same class as Rodgers — and has already been inducted into the Packers’ Hall of Fame. 

Collins compared Rodgers’ performance to Michael Jordan‘s flu game … saying other than Rodgers’ lone Super Bowl win, it was the best night of the quarterback’s career.

As for Rodgers’ place on the QB rankings OUTSIDE of Green Bay … Collins says it’ll take a whole lot more than just one more Super Bowl to get him to the top of THAT list.

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