Tom Green Defends Kawhi Leonard's Laugh, Stop Shaming It!

Tom Green Defends Kawhi Leonard’s Laugh, Stop Shaming It!

Tom Green

Defends Kawhi Leonard’s Laugh

… Stop Shaming It!!

9/30/2018 12:10 AM PDT


Wanna hear Kawhi Leonard‘s laugh in public ever again??

Well, stop freakin’ making fun of it then — so says comedy legend Tom Green.

The famous funnyman was out in Bev Hills when our photog played Kawhi’s infamous robot-like giggle for him … and Tom saw no humor in it whatsoever.

“This is a little pro tip here,” Green told TMZ Sports … “If somebody is laughing and having a good time, don’t hate on their laugh!”

Green would know a thing or two about it — dude’s killed the comedy game for decades … and he tells us anytime there’s a weird laugh in his crowds — it’s still a laugh!!

“Don’t make fun of people’s laughs,” Green says.

“Because then everybody starts to get self-conscious and think, ‘Oh, maybe I better not laugh loudly either.'”

Ya hear that?? Stop clownin’ Kawhi … and let that laugh live!!

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